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Welcome to AKu

AKu is active in a wide range of modern technologies, offering high levels of expertise and diversification.Our goal is the best possible integration of security systems, audiovisual systems, computers and web applications.Our passion is the design and production of superb build quality and acoustic accuracy speakers, offering unique audio coverage solutions to the music professional and the enthusiast alike.Our collective experience and team-mentality has enabled us to become competitive in proposing, supplying, installing, designing and customizing the most suitable technical solutions for every client and application.

At AKu Audio you will become familiar with our line of speakers. The selection range we offer covers the needs of every type of listener, utilizing the best possible sound performance and visual matching.
Enter the world of AKu to learn to listen correctly.

AKu Audio

At AKu Solutions you will find all the services we provide and products we offer in the field of audiovisual systems, security systems, computers, networks, building management systems and industrial design. We are at your service to design your next technological investment.

AKu Solutions
AKu Solutions